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Preference #44-He Walks In On You In The Bath Part 3/4-Request

 Preference #44-He Walks In On You In The Bath Part 3/3-Request

Going to put it under a cut because uh *cough* it gets a little heated. Want an after sex part four-like next morning…message!


“Really? Truly?” He asks you holding you by your wrists, you nod and he smiles before kissing you again, you could never get tired of Harry or his kisses but both you and your body needed to hurry things along. You begin to suck on his neck and hear him moan deeply, you didn’t even know he could sound that deep, “I thought that I was the one supposed to be teasing you.” You break away from his neck and smirk, “Who said that?” You feel Harry run his hands up and down your goose bump covered back, “We should go to the bed…” He trails off turning the shower off, intertwining your fingers he takes you to your bed and lays you down, while on top of you he kisses your collarbone and mutters the word, “Breathe.” Before letting himself enter you. You let out a squeak and sink your teeth into his shoulder, slowly but surely you let the air contained in your lunges out and a feeling of pleasure and relief overcomes you. You let out a long, drawn out moan causing Harry to chuckle slightly, he holds onto the head board as he pumps himself in and out of you. You moan loudly and this time it wasn’t just a noise it was a very long, very needy whine of, “Harrrryyyy.” You begin to reach your climax and you let you scream his name as the ultimate ecstasy overcomes you, Harry comes soon after you and he moans your name into your neck and grips your waist as tight as he possibly can, “Never leave me.” He begs, you look up into his eyes and let out a shaky giggle, “After that…never.”


“I would never let go of you…” He trails off staring into your eyes, you blush and look away quickly giving him the perfect opportunity to devour your neck with his lips, you feel a hickey forming, “Li-Liam m-my-“ You stop, completing forgetting that your parents will realize the big purple hickey on your neck in the morning, “Don’t talk…” He trails off laying you on the floor of the shower, he stays on your eyes the whole time, never leaving them as he lets himself slip into you, “Oh my.” You hear him say in a strained voice as he begins to move in sync with your bucking hips, “Oh-Oh my god.” He says kissing your lips, it didn’t hurt anymore…having sex you mean, it skipped straight to the feeling good part. You loved the increasing moans from the best of you, the shower faucet draping you with a layer of warmth, in some ways it was all too overwhelming. Suddenly you were letting out long screams of his name, “Don’t stop!” You beg as your reach your climax a little bit before his, you two enjoy the moment together, the closeness of your body’s the feeling that drowns out everything bad, “I never let go…” He tells you with a smirk.


He turns on the stereo and “Right By My Side” by Nicki Minaj comes on as you two make out a little bit longer, you were enjoying the feeling but it wasn’t exactly enough for Louis, you seem him groping for something in the basket beside the bathtub, “A condom?” You ask him biting your lip, “Yes…a condom, we have to be safe.” With that he pushes you off him for a minute, you watch him put it on in awe that he was that good at it, “Ready.” He pulls you against him again and kisses you sweetly, “This will only hurt-“ He slides himself into you and you let out a painful cry, “Sorry…” He trails off as you grip his shoulders, leaving white handprints on them. He begins to move himself in and out of you and you do the same, somehow with the both of you doing it things progressed faster, he grips your waist with all of his might as you do with his shoulders and you both moan very loudly, not caring about the neighbors, “GO FASTER!” You scream at him, he kisses your collarbone as you reach your climax, soon after he reaches his and you feel a very warm feeling as you both get over it. Your heart beat slows down to its regular beat and you lay against his chest, “I love you so much.” You whisper, although it is muffled, “I love you more…”


“N-Niall the water’s warm.” You whisper lifting your leg up to wrap around him, he backs you into the shower and immediately lays you on the bench you use to shave your legs, suddenly he breaks away, “Oh shit, I forgot it, be right back…” You let out a whine and sit up with him not letting your lips leave him, “Don’t leave me!” You beg, “I need a rubber…god we don’t need you pregnant.” You let out another whine as he leaves your sight, as you were way too in the mood to have this happen; when he comes back he tackles you onto your back and kisses your neck, “Forgive me.” He demands with a laugh, you nod and wrap your legs around his waist as he enters you. Immediately getting to business moans leave your lips, pretty much gibberish to anyone else but you both understood, “G-go deeper…” You say too overwhelmed with the feeling of him to care about how high you sounded. He does as he’s told and grips your wrists over your head as he moves himself in and out as many times as he could, you reach your climax at the perfect moment, “NIALLLLL!” You yell for the whole apartment complex to hear, he moans your name muffled against your neck and sighs, “You are my favorite person…ever…” He admits finally after you both regain your sanity.


“Imma put this der rubber on fast…” He sings to you causing you to laugh as you watch him, a blush never escaping your lips, he has you on your shared bed, you’re still soaking from the bath but that didn’t matter now. He crawls towards you, “Done….” He trails off pressing his lips to yours, you wrap your arms around his neck and never let his lips or eyes leave yours as you kiss, you barely notice that he’s sneakily already put himself inside of you until a hot, amazing feeling begins to blossom inside of you, “Zayynnn.” You let escape your throat as you kiss his jaw and leave red scratches on his back, he lets out a groan and continues to kiss you as he moves himself in and out until you both reach the climax of it all, you scream his name many times as he moans into your cleavage, finally when all is over is when he rolls off over you and holds you so close to him you can barely breathe, “How was that?” He whispers, you smile, “Perfect.” 

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