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Preference #25-He Slaps Your Bum-Request

Preference #25-He Slaps Your Bum


You were busily working on the salad in your parent’s kitchen for the big family BBQ, you’re talking to your younger cousin who is just reaching the age where she’s into boys, you smirk as she talks, “Don’t rush anything honey take your time.” You say as Harry walks in, he gives you a big grin before slapping your ass on the way to the fridge. Your cousin gives him a wide eyed look, “Harry…” You say trailing off giving him a ‘if you every try that again in front of my cousin you’ll die’ look, he rolls his eyes and pours another glass of ice tea, “She loves it secretly.” He tells your cousin in a swoon worthy voice before exciting.


“Uggghhhh I just wanna sleep!” You say jumping on your shared bed, laying on your stomach, you feel Liam’s eyes travel to your ass; you’re only wearing very tight jeggings that make your behind look sexy. Suddenly, you feel a light pat on that butt of yours; you turn red and look at Liam who is sitting beside you, “Was that you?” You ask him with wide eyes, he shrugs, “You shouldn’t wear those jeans…you know what they do to me.” You pick up a pillow and slap him with it before connecting your lips.


“I like big butts and I cannot lie!” Louis says before smoothly smacking your but, “Oooh you’ve got a firm one there.” He teases wrapping his arms around you waist and pulls you so close to him you can practically feel the bulge in his pants press against your ass, “Louis, Louis, Louis…” You trail off laughing, “When will you ever learn? I am not the type of girl that you can just slap her ass…” You laugh and slap his, “Without being able to slap yours.” He smiles, “Oh how perfect you are for me!”


“Yeah we’ll be doing what we do just pretending that we’re cool tonight….” Niall sings into the microphone as you sit on the bench, the boys had invited you out on stage and you were having a really fun time, he takes you hand and quickly drags you off, slapping your butt slightly when no one is looking. You blush a deep red and run to the other side of the stage with him behind you, “Awww she’s blushing!” He says once the song is over, “Did anyone else notice that bit of PDA?” Louis smirks as Niall, your weirdo boyfriend pulls you closer, “Oh I know I did!” Niall says kissing your cheek in front of everyone.


You were dancing around to the house to ‘One more Night’ by Maroon 5, it was the perfect grinding song so you begin grinding an imaginary guy behind you…you didn’t realize that your boyfriend was watching, he comes up behind you and smacks your but before wrapping his arms around your waist and continuing the grind, “Smooth.” Is all you say before letting yourself get into it more. He was a great grinder, you loved it, and the whole butt smack made it an even better entrance. 

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