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Preference #6 -You Play Truth or Dare and Things Get A Little Dirty

Preference #6 You Play Truth or Dare and Things Get A Little Dirty

Going to put it under a cut just in case-  


You and Harry were in his bunk playing truth or dare. You had already taken your shirt off and were sitting in your red lacey bra that is your favorite; you know you shouldn’t be embarrassed because Harry has seen it all before but you can’t help but blush, “Truth or dare?” He asks you once more, you can’t decide on what to pick, you decide that it would be safer if you pick truth, “Truth.” You answer biting your vanilla lip gloss covered lip. Harry smirks and moves closer to you, closing the curtain in the process, “Do you want me to kiss you right now? As much as I want to kiss you?” You shrug playing along and hoist yourself in his lap, “It depends…” He raises an eyebrow at you, “Oh? What on?” You look around for a minute teasing him, “On how much you want to kiss me?” You tease slowly leaning forward. Without a word he presses his lips to your neck and the game of truth or dare is done.


“I dare you to….take your pants off.” You tell your boyfriend Liam laughing, he does as he’s told and strips his pants revealing his red boxers, “Oooh la la very sexy!” You yell. He rolls his eyes and sits back down, “Your turn hon, truth or dare?” You’re afraid to pick truth so you decide on dare, “I dare you to…lick honey off of my chest.” He blushes slightly and you can tell that this has been one of his fantasies, “Fine.” You say with a shrug before getting the honey. His chest was already bare by the time you get back, you smirk and tell him to lay on his back, you then straddle him and put honey all over his chest and stomach. You laugh before licking the sweet honey off of him, kissing him after every lick.


You and your boyfriend Louis were locked in a bathroom, you don’t know how you got locked in but that wasn’t the question anymore, the question now is…what question is he going to ask me? You were playing truth or dare and you just chose truth, “Got it!” He says excitedly, “How many guys have you slept with?” You blush slightly, there has only been one and it is him, “One.” He gives you a shocked one, “ONE!? WHO IS THIS BOY YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH!?” You laugh, “Have you forgotten Louis? It’s you!” He looks at you excitedly then and cups your face with his hands and kisses you passionately, “Oh how much I love you, *insert your sexy name here*”


You both are stripped free of your clothes…the only thing you’re wearing is your underwear and bra and he’s in his boxers, “Truth or dare?” You ask Niall with a smirk, “Truth.” He answers confidently, you laugh, you have been waiting for this moment for awhile, “What is your dirtiest fantasy about me?” He blushes a deep red and makes sure no one is looking before mumbling, “Lap dance.” You laugh and cover your mouth, he is so cute! You sit up and crawl towards him, “Thank you for telling me. I’ll be sure to make that fantasy come true one day…” You trail off looking into his eyes and press your lips to his, “My turn.”


“STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE BEFORE YOU BREAK MY HEART!” You sing purposely off key in your underwear as Zayn watches you with a smirk; it was you dare…sing the first song that comes to your head in your underwear. You’re finally done and you crawl back beside him, “Your turn!” You say excitedly, “Truth or dare?” He thinks for a minute pursing his lips and answers with, “Dare.” You look at him knowing exactly what you want, “I dare you to call your parents and act like you’re having sex.” He looks at you with a terrifying look but dials his parents anyways. Within seconds there is a chorus of moans coming from his throat and he uses your neck to make kissing noises. You let out a couple noses yourself and scream out “ZAYN” just to make it funnier. 

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